For our wines, we choose to use the benchmark sustainable closure for wine:
DIAM Corks

Cork: the only 100 % sustainable and biodegradable wine closure.
Unlike its synthetic counterparts or screw caps , cork is an inherently sustainable resource, both renewable and biodegradable.
Artificial plastic stoppers or aluminum screw caps on the other hand consume fossil fuels, and use at least five times more energy per ton to produce, before millions of them end up in our landfills and oceans.

After many years of trial, Georges Michel Wine Estate has found the latest, ideal sustainable solution in wine closure. DIAM corks.
Since the 2005 vintage .100 % of our production is sealed with DIAM .
DIAM corks are 100% cork taint free : this is the guarantee we can now offer our customers.
DIAM is the revolutionary new closure that solves TCA ( cork taint) , oxidation and reduction problems.
One of the real concerns over alternative closures and one of the reasons Georges Michel has not chosen screw caps is that fine wines need to age and develop in the bottle over time. Part of this process is a very small ingress of oxygen through the cork allowing the wine to expand and age successfully. Screw caps in particular don’t allow this to happen and the wines age in atypical ways and can be affected by “sulfides reduction” (off smell like rotten eggs) after a few months in the bottle and are very prone to bottle variation.

This is one of the reasons a lot of wineries in New Zealand and in other parts of the world who made an early move to screwcaps , are now moving away from them and are choosing DIAM corks for their Top end wines.

Bottle variation or cork taint are also no longer a topic of conversation at the dinner table for wines sealed with DIAM. We have chosen to use DIAM to ensure each bottle is delivered to you in the best possible condition for your enjoyment.

Between a high percentage of bottle variation and off smells with screwcaps and other plastic closures, we have chosen 0 % risk with DIAM corks, the benchmark closure and a natural choice for wines. aldactone usa